Steven Universe Homeworld History

First Age: The Era of White Diamond (65000BCE..30000BCE)

So here is where I get rather controversial about my statements. I’m going to suggest that the Gems have existed for roughly the same amount of time as the humans. This might seem strange — as humans do not have a massive empire that the Gems hold onto. How the heck could the Gems be much further.

Yellow Diamond’s Era of Striking Back (30000BCE..20000BCE)

There was no reason for the Gems to keep hiding from their predators. The Gems had the ability to take on all those who oppose them. It was time to strike back. A Diamond for the military forces of the Gems was commissioned.

Blue Diamond’s Era of Expansion (20000BCE..10000BCE)

The era of Blue Diamond starts towards the end of Yellow Diamond’s Gems hunting anything that was a harm to Gems everywhere to extinction. The fighting that had escalated to the point of total destruction of those that eat rocks had gotten to the point where it was winding down. All that was left was various zoos being built for the creatures they had nearly wiped from existence.

Pink Diamond’s Golden Era (10000BCE..6000BCE)

White Diamond had just worked to formed her thirteenth planet — and it was pretty obvious the the Gem Golden Age was to begin. Nothing could stop the Gems. They were the penultimate creation of all the glory. Everything could do to be more Gem like in their nature.

The Rebellion Era (6000BCE..present)

Starting with one of Pink Diamond’s personal special forces guards shattering Pink Diamond — many Gems sided with this Rose Quartz as their leader. Their leader in wanting for proper treatment of Gems under their Diamond. This questioning of a Diamond and attempting to gain shelter from the abuse of their Diamond had them viewed as problematic Gems — and cast out.



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Katrina Payne

Katrina Payne

A mixture of several spicy hot take opinion pieces and apocalyptic log entries from an unfiction ARG